Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day one riding

A much better trip to my late start for this adventure. No accident! Lois and I stayed in a hotel in Salt Lake Thursday, and I reported to the church Friday morning, Lois said hi to "our group" and she took off for home.

After getting an orientation to the operation of the group, some of us went exploring. We ended up at "The Temple" in downtown Salt lake city. Very impressive what money and faith can do. Not only at the Mormon complex, but all across the religious spectrum. Not saying that is a bad thing, just an observation. But then, what type of place do "two or more" need to gather.

The Fuller Center for Housing-Bike Adventure, runs like a well oiled machine. We have "core" groups with a leader and a number of workers for every aspect of this operation. I was assigned to "breakfast" duty under Heather. I had to report to the kitchen at 5:30 this morning. I had to have my bag all packed and staged to load in the van before reporting for breakfast duty. We made a sausage, egg and cheese baked thing that was great, along with the yummiest cinnamon rolls. So far it looks like we eat well, either from the host church, or what we prepare ourselves.

Day one ride for the start of segment 4, was a short 45 miles it was a steady 20 miles up with a 4 to 6% grade. Then some up and down, finally entering the valley of Hebert, UT. Just a beautiful day for riding. We are a group of 31 riders, and the mutual support and encouragement is just great. We stopped within visiting range of McDonalds, and Megan came back reporting that there was a tarantula in line being carried on a man's arm secured with a leash. And I say why not.

I may not have much to report tomorrow, as I just heard that we are leaving at 4:30 for a mountain ride of climbing with a distance of about 99 miles. I was struggling today for some of the 45 mile ride, and not looking forward to the ride tomorrow. Having lost some of my training because of injury, and now lacking upper body strength, it is more difficult. I just have to remember it is not about tomorrow, but about reaching Washington DC, while spreading the word about The Fuller Center.


Location:N Hwy 40,Heber,United States

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