Saturday, July 30, 2011

Build day four ...

A great day at the build site for a mother and her two boys. We took out windows and replaced them. We tore up the rotted front porch and steps and replaced them. We replaced the front door. We scraped and painted. When we finished we gave the mother the "Greater Blessings" box so she could make interest free payments that she could afford.

We got back to the school, showered, and had four massage therapists waiting for us with free massages. Then a very nice dinner, relax time, and I will be ready for bed. Funny how sleeping on the floor can be referred to as "bed."

Some of the riders needed to go to a bike store for supplies, etc. Martha has been having a lot of trouble with her bike, beyond fixing well enough for her to be able to ride properly. So Jonas was able to help her buy a new bike, and the bike store folks lowered the price to get within her price range. She's outside making friends with her new bike, and probably trying to come up with a name for it. I don't know what it is about women, but they seem to need to name their bikes.

Good friends coming to go to church with us tomorrow, and to take me to lunch. :-) I have not had a chocolate malt for a couple of days so I am ready for that tomorrow also!


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