Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day ten riding ...

Bike day 10 for me/26 since the start of the adventure
Limon, CO to Cheyenne Wells, CO 87 miles

I started the day by stretching in the church. While I was on my back in the aisle of the church, two of these punk kids separately came by and asked me if I had fallen and needed help getting up. They must think I am really old or something. :-) Of course I loved it and so did they!

A nice cool start to the day, but by 11:00 it was 90 degrees F, by 12:30 it hit 100 degrees. By the time we hit the last rest stop my computer showed 109.5 degrees and I bailed into the van. I was still feeling OK, but could tell that I would be in trouble if I tried to make the last 12 miles. I was starting to look seriously for a gas station market to get some cold water and shade, when I found a bunch of the riders huddled in a small Mom and Pop eatery in Kit Carson, CO. They were cooling down with ice water and food, so I joined them. When we left, I thought I would now be able to finish the ride OK, but by the time I made the last van stop, I knew I had better get out of the sun. I ended up with 71 miles today. Don made the whole distance, and is still riding well.

So far I have managed to find a chocolate malt at almost every place we have stopped. Had two today. First in Kit Carson, and then tonight after dinner. Weighed myself at the local school where we went for our showers. Not sure how their scale compares to mine at home, but I was 187 lbs here. Gee, maybe I could really get down in weight if I only had one malt every other day, but what fun would that be!


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