Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 14 riding ...

Bike day 14 for me/18 to go
Osborne, KS to Clay Center, KS 93 miles

Well, I did not wilt, I rode sensibly, and I finished. I did start out early in a draft line, but realized they were too strong for me, so I dropped out. We rode in the dark for at least an hour or more, which paid off at the end of the ride, when I showed 104F about 12:30. I finished the ride about 1:00 PM. Not sure what the temperature is now and don't want to go out to see. I took advice from Chris and moved through the van stops as fast as I could, not lingering. I think this probably saved me at least another half hour in the sun.

I’ll have to see if Jonas can adjust my shifting again, the gears are jumping around. His core job on this ride is to help fix bikes to keep them going, which keeps riders out of the van. He's very good with the bikes.

The generation gap was apparent again. The other day some of the riders did not know who John Denver was, and today Elvis was singing and at least two did not know who was singing. They did not know the King! Blasphemy!

Michael and Krystal went down yesterday, because Michael pulled a muscle in his leg. He had it looked at in the hospital, but they only have an MRI machine two days a week, so they could not do anything for him. He has been icing, and resting it, and they did not ride today. He will test ride a bike tonight to see if he can ride tomorrow.

the endless road
    alone with God
goes on forever
104 in the shade
    alone with God
thoughts to think
    alone with self
turkey vultures circle
pray for world peace
pray for no more shacks
pray for loved ones
pray for eternal peace
    alone with God
it is enough

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