Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ramblings on my day off ...

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger," seems to come to mind often on this adventure. The neat thing about this ride is that it's never the same route, as in training where it is always out and back, or out around and back. At least we are always going someplace. But often I find myself riding by myself, thinking about whatever men think about, which I often can't seem to communicate well to others, and the road stretches out in front of me seemingly endless, but at least with a destination someplace out there.

Off day and a church volunteer drove 5 of us to the U.S. Olympic Training Center. We used the van and other volunteers to get most of the others to the Garden of the Gods. I was very impressed with the tour and the center until we got back to the gift shop. I was going to buy a water bottle until I noticed that it was made in China. Then I started to look at the other products and clothing and could not find anything made in the USA. I asked the clerk if they had anything for sale that was made in the good old USA, and she thought a minute and could not think of anything. So, I went out to the information desk and voiced my concern about the lack of support for things made in the USA being sold in the facility. It just doesn't seem right to purchase items in support of the US Olympic Training Center that are not made in the USA.

Two more days riding in Colorado, and then we ride into Kansas. Maybe I should buy some red shoes to take with me? A quick visit to OZ would be neat.

Oh, yeah, I am beginning to believe that my very good friend Krystal must be the smartest female I have ever met. And, positively the best chiropractor and the best first responder in the entire universe. One of the things that makes her so smart is that she married Michael.


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