Friday, July 8, 2011

Day six riding ...

Kremmling, CO to Idaho Springs, Co for 82 miles. Rabbit Ears Pass yesterday, Berthoud Pass, which is at 11,307 ft., today. A tough climb today after the climb yesterday. A longer climb today, but the grade was only up to about 6% most of the time. The problem today was the weather. Another beautiful day to start, but as we were climbing a storm blew in with heavy winds, rain and hail. It didn't last long, but most of us got soaked. We found shelter at the top, and the storm passed, leaving the temperature colder. Since I was wet, and looking at a long downhill with cold wind, I, along with 7 others decided to take the van down to the bottom, convincing ourselves we had done the hard part. We turned the heat up but I was still shivering in the van. Now at the computer I'm feeling like I wimped out.

It's starting to look like we are a pack of raccoons with the white eyes from our sunglasses and the tan around the eyes.

We stayed at Trinity Episcopal Church last night, hosted by Pastor Michael Mortvedt. Chatting with him I found out he knows Matthew and Nadia. He slept overnight with us and then rode a couple hours with us in the morning, which was pretty cool.

The biking part of this adventure can be a challenge, mentally and physically, but staying organized in one duffle bag, and being ready to ride on time in the morning is proving to be as big a challenge. Today I left my towel drying over a chair at the church and then forgot it. There are about 32 of us, all sleeping around the facility wherever we can find a spot for ourselves. That means the faster riders get the best spots. Often we have had only one toilet, so the line there in the morning can be a challenge. Sorry, not a challenge; it's called an adventure.


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