Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 12 riding ...


Bike day 12 for me*/20 to go
Oakley, KS to Hill City, KS 75 miles

*note: because of the van accident I missed 16 ride days and 1 build day

Another early start to the ride. Time change had us leaving before sunrise which gave us a beautiful view of the sun shining through the clouds creating an image of the cross of Christ shining on us all.

I rode well today, and we beat most of the heat because of the early start. I arrived at the United Methodist Church about 12:00 PM. I have been doing better about drinking water earlier in the ride, and before we leave the church in the morning. I was struggling a little before the last van break, but began riding stronger for the last 15 mile stretch. Shortly after the last break another group of riders was catching up to me, and Anne rode with me, and then started to pull away a little. I decided to try to ride in her draft and try to keep up, which is what I cautioned Don to be careful of, and not to try to keep up with these kids. So, like the big dummy I am, I rode behind her for maybe ten miles into Hill City, thinking that I had a day off to recover if needed. It will be needed. I held up well, but the legs are already letting me know how dumb that was. And the thing is, Anne was just cruising along like she always does, feeling no pain. She is a very good multi-talented athlete, and a delight to have in this group.

Don broke a rear derailer cable before the last van break, so he was stuck with only three gears for the last twenty miles or so. It waited for his last day riding to break, so at least he did not lose any days on the road, just had to work harder, which is good for him, it builds character.

After twelve days riding, I am very pleased that my body seems to be holding up much better than I have a right to expect. Back has no problems, legs are good, knees better than expected, and the shoulder is a nonissue on the bike. The shoulder is and will be a problem using it for other things until long after this ride. I am also sleeping on the floor much better than I expected to, so that helps a lot.

Dinner! What a wonderful surprise! They split us up into groups of four, and each group went to dinner with a different family. My group (Krystal, Michael, Chris and me) went to eat with the Greens, Lori and Joe. Just a wonderful couple, and we sat down at a dining room table with a tablecloth, silverware, china, home cooked food, and home made ice cream. Nice conversation, a couple games of pool, and Krystal was able to help show Lori how to get some pictures posted on facebook. Just a delightful evening, with the same report from the other groups.


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