Monday, July 4, 2011

Days two and three riding ...

Bike day two for me ... Bike day 18
Heber, UT to Roosevelt, UT  99.6 miles

I started out feeling pretty good. By the end of the day I was starting to think about the medics. Five miles flat to get out of the Heber valley, then about 16 miles of climbing to our first rest stop, about a 2,600 foot climb. Grades mostly 4-5% until the last 4-5 miles ended at about 6%. A nice easy, steady climb. Then it was mostly up and down the rest of the way. I ran out of water about a half hour before the 60 mile rest stop, so I started to get dehydrated. I drank at the stop, and filled up, but I think I just could not catch up, and finally had to stop at mile 88, or else actually call the medics. As it turned out I started cooling myself off, got to the gym for the night, got lots of ice, and finally started feeling better about three hours later. Temp reading on my bike reached 102F. One flat tire in front.

Bike day three/19
Roosevelt, UT to Dinosaur, CO  63 miles

A much better day for me. I was feeling well enough in the morning to get up and get going. A shorter day, and I was riding nicely, and not at the back of the pack like yesterday. These kids (as well as the older bicyclists) are good strong riders. Second flat tire before first rest stop, and my CO2 device broke as I was inflating. Was taught how to air up tire with my hand pump that I bought just in case. I rode well until the second rest stop and beyond, but was getting hot again, temp reading of 101F, struggled the last ten miles. Stopped a half mile from finish, got cold water and a quart of chocolate milk.

Craig, CO tomorrow and a build day there the next day.

Very interesting to watch the dynamics of the riders (who are mostly in their early 20's) as they interact with each other and also with the older folks like me. I'm getting lots of questions about my pink handlebar tape, which I have so far avoided answering. Will answer at morning prayer session before some that have asked leave.

I signed a covenant for this ride that states I will not swear. I'm almost sure I changed that a little to state only that I would really try hard not to swear; if not I should have. I've gotten a comment on it already.

Need to go shower, drink more water, and rest.


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