Saturday, May 26, 2012

Orientation Day......

I'm again having a great time getting to know the other riders; yesterday as they all came in, and today as orientation progresses. It's a smaller group than I expected, only about 13 riders, but we are strong in faith and purpose. We played a few games after the orientation sessions that Allen planned, and then "the kids" had some more games. We all watched some video of the Fuller Center to give us a better idea of the organization we are representing. One of the videos was of Koinonia Farms (where the Fullers got the idea for Habitat) and their place in the civil rights movement. Fascinating history. And, of course, what a great group of riders who have come together for this adventure. I can't wait to get to know them better as we struggle together riding down the coast for 2,000 miles, and meeting more wonderful people along the way.

This picture is from the practice ride we did today, a little over 18 miles, about half along the ocean, with a stop at the beach for this photo op.

I  brought my laptop for blogging this trip because I couldn't get pictures up last time without sending them home via email and having Lois post them online. So, this is better, except it took about 45 minutes to get this one picture loaded. Maybe a better hot spot will help tomorrow? Facebook will have pictures and video taken by James and Nadine who are following in the van and are our official communications coordinators.

Tonight the members of the church we are staying at will be feeding us, and we'll have a presentation for them. Ryan will probably lead that, and may have some of the riders speak about their experiences with Fuller Center. I always enjoy doing that, so I don't mind when he or Allen call on me.

I figure I should have my stuff organized just before the last week of this ride! That seemed to be the hardest part of riding last year, and it's the same again this time.


Thursday, May 24, 2012


On the way........

still on the way.........

stuck in Philly because of fog in Portland, Maine. I hope my bike is not getting too lonely waiting for me in Saco.

I took the red eye at 12:50 AM and I am not due to fly to Portland until 1:50 PM. That will be only about 8 hours in the Philly airport. I have a hotel tonight and then on to Saco Friday morning. We report for check-in early afternoon and start meeting old and new riders. Saturday is orientation, a practice ride, more orientation, and a Fuller Center presentation. Sunday morning is a worship service, lunch, a send off ceremony, and then the adventure begins with our first ride to Greenland, NH. This is only about a 45 mile ride, so we have a nice easy start to our first week of riding. The rest of the week has 75 - 95 mile rides, but the week of riding ends with a build day Saturday in Tabernacle, NJ. This of course is the purpose of all the riding. Helping people in need.

Meanwhile I sit and wait for my flight to be called, stuck eating expensive food......

So it was about 3:30 when we finally got on a flight, and then spent another 15 minutes on the runway waiting our turn. Got into my hotel room about 6:00 PM... just a little tired! Tomorrow Allen will pick me up and we will be on our way to Saco where I will get my bike, put it together again, and be ready to ride.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting Close ....

Only 12 days until we report in Saco, Maine, which is a little south of Portland. I still need more money, so if you are inclined, people need help with their homes, and I need to provide that help by raising enough money for me to "RIDE, SPEAK, & BUILD."

I also need more miles per week. A little bad weather at the end of this week, so my mileage is down a little; only 233 miles this week, and I had to ride this afternoon to get over 200 miles in. I like to take Sunday off, but I had yesterday off, and only a short easy ride on Friday because of the weather. I really want to get about 350 miles this week, and then taper off the week I travel to Maine.

I am trying to get my bike box ready to easily accept my bike, but the frame is a little too tall, and will not fit into the box properly, so I am waiting for another part to arrive to see if that will work. This box is called an Air Caddy, and the bike should just drop in securely, by just taking off the front wheel and rotating the handlebars. A couple used it last year, and it worked great, except their bikes are smaller than mine.

The Fuller Center will have a Facebook page ( and a blog ( which will be updated daily. They may be a little more timely than my blog, although I think I did get a blog in every day last year. OK, I missed a couple of days, but did try to combine them the next time. I will be trying to blog again this year. I also have a Facebook page that you are welcome to follow. Not sure how much I will have on Facebook on a daily basis. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally Riding....

Fundraising! I need to get my fundraising in high gear, but I'm running out of time. If you can help with a donation, please use the button on the right and go to my donation page with The Fuller Center. I need help!

This past Wednesday I set up a Fuller Center slide/video presentation at our lodge for our bike club and the people who helped sponsor me last year. I was pleasantly surprised, and pleased, with the turnout;  over 30 people attended. They have a much better idea now of who The Fuller Center is and how they work to help people. I also tried to give a "flavor" of what the ride was like and how it operates.

Wow, it's been four weeks since I have blogged! Part of the reason is that I've finally gotten back on the bike. Yesterday was a bad day, I only swallowed two bugs while riding, and that's not enough protein for a hard working rider. The little butterfly did not count since I managed to spit him out (it must have been a "he" since it tasted bitter).

So, of the last four weeks I have riden: 0 miles, 165 miles, 252 miles, and this week, 262 miles. Finally getting my mileage up is very rewarding. It's much more interesting riding and actually going to some destination, rather than doing the same old rides, out and back, day after day. The first years it was interesting learning the routes, but it has now become more on the boring side. I guess I just need to get more interesting to myself as I ride, and be better company for myself. Some of my rides are with our groups, which is better, but to get the mileage that I need, I more often bike by myself.

Now I need to stop blogging and get my travel plans finalized so I can actually get to the starting point!