Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 18 riding ...

Bike day 18 for me/14 to go
Kansas City, MO to Carrollton, MO 73 miles

Two days without riding! Nice!

Not because of MY ability, but because I managed to get off to a good start, Chris did not ride today, and I did not to have mark the route; but I was second into the first van stop, about fourth into the second van stop, and then I was actually leading the bike adventure from about mile 45 to mile 55. Again not because of my ability, but because this time Sarah and Olivia were talking too much to bother passing me. Another way to look at it would be that they let me lead so they could draft. Lazy kids, making an old man do all the work. I think I was still about 5th to the church.

Krystal told me that I was now an official veteran rider because I was doing a good job of finding the good spots to sleep, and letting her and Michael know where the sofas were to sleep on. Didn't have the heart to tell her that Chris was the one to tell me, so I could tell them. I think I have finally mastered the art of staying organized in one duffle bag.

This bike ride is all about the people. In Kansas City Graham took some of us that needed bike work to the bike shop that he uses. It is: Biscari Brothers Bicycles, 291 Highway and Withers Rd, Liberty, MO. Dave Biscari opened his shop for us on very short notice, fixed our bikes, and only charged us for parts. Big thank you to the Biscari Brothers and their three shops in the Kansas City, MO area. We have a wonderful bike mechanic, Jonas, but he is limited in shop equipment that is sometimes needed.

Carrollton is a very neat little town. Another warm greeting at the town square, a proclamation read and given to Allen by the mayor, trolley ride to the showers, and free ice cream after. Then naps for these poor tired kids, and a wonderful meal at the host church. Again, it's about the people.

Church services were terrific. Mike and I were picked up by Wayne and taken to a contemporary service where my new friend and fellow geezer Wendel worships. An extremely warm welcome by the entire congregation, with music you just don't find in a Lutheran church. After worship, Wayne asked if we wanted breakfast, and of course we both said yes, so Wayne treated us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Eggs over easy, bacon, pancakes, juice; this breakfast is the only meal I've missed. We have had lots of great breakfast meals, but this is my favorite, and my favorite meal of the day.

Wendel invited us to go fishing with him, and Mike accepted. Mike picked up Megan and Jason and they had a good time catching panfish on Wendell's private lake. Another 13 of us went to the baseball game with tickets provided by various members of the congregation. Not sure what the others did. (For Anne's parents: Anne, being too lazy to keep up, went to the ballgame. And she is one great bike rider. She's a terrific person. Someone has done a great job raising this incredible young lady.)

Location:Carrolton, MO


  1. Tom, we are really enjoying reading your blog! What an experience, along with the great endurance. It is still hot here but it didn't break 100 today, yea! I'll have to tell a grandson of mine that you worked with some KC Chief members in KC. He is a real fan of theirs.
    Blessings, Lori & Joe

  2. Hey TOM!
    so you know how i was always saying tha it was going to read your blog. well. im finally getting around to doing it. apparently i have to leave the country to have time to read your blog.:)
    Its been a lot of fun reading it. im grinning and giggling to myself, which, is really not helping my reputation as the crazy gringa. so thanks for that.
    and i passed the message on to my mom.
    and. thanks.
    miss you
    i hope the ride is going well!