Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 11 riding ...

Bike day 11 for me/27 from the start of the adventure
Cheyenne Wells, CO to Oakley, KS 87 miles

We are successfully raising funds on this adventure. Our goal has been to reach $500,000 by the end of this adventure, August 14, and we are now at $475,000. It's not too late for you to continue to help raise the remaining dollars.

I forgot to mention that we gave a talk to the congregation in Limon the other evening, and I was one of the three who talked about our experiences with The Fuller Center. It was a fun evening, getting to follow two of the youngsters by stating that I was the geezer on this trip. And, we did manage to raise a few hundred dollars, even though most of the people did not stay after dinner to listen to the presentation.

87 miles to ride today with temperatures expected to reach HOT again. And it did reach HOT, but we left an hour earlier this morning at about 6:30 to try to beat at least some of the heat. I had 103 degrees F on my bike, but we were through with the ride about 1:30, so not in the hottest part of the day as long as yesterday. I was riding just ahead of the sweeps for most of the last half of the ride and most of the last 20 miles with Don and another older rider. We three and the two sweeps had a very nice ride, and I rode well all day (for my ability).

A little shorter day tomorrow, only 75 miles, then we have a day off in Hill City. I'll be sorry to see Don leave tomorrow. It's been fun being with an Anthem friend this week.


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