Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 20 riding ...

Bike day 20 for me/12 to go
Moberly, MO, to Quincy, IL 82 miles
Build days done 3/build days left 4
Temp 103 F; humidity ??

This is a very supportive team, always looking out for each other and offering encouragement. Today I had a number of comments on how well I was riding, which of course made me feel good, because today for me, I was smoking it, and feeling good even with the temp and humidity. About .2 miles from our destination I saw a chalk notice on the city street, stopped and found Aaron and Chris in the ice cream store already. The good news is that Chris was not that far into his root beer float, which means that I was not that far behind him. Good stuff, the float and the ride!

The temp cooled a little as we neared the mighty Mississippi. It was fun riding over on the bridge, stopping in the construction lane and just looking at this wonderful body of water flow by. Overall a nice ride today, even with two hills that were short climbs, but had 13% and 11% grades to them. A couple of tough little climbs.

I took my bike to a local bike shop and had them replace my headset that was catching and causing some erratic steering. This might have even contributed to my little ride into the ditch yesterday.

No nap today, but I did sleep well yesterday after napping for the first time.


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