Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day nine riding ...

Bike day 9 for me/25 since the start of the adventure (we have a total of 48 bike days)
Colorado Springs to Limon, CO 73 miles (roughly the half way point for miles riding)

Ryan left the group in Colorado Springs, having taken possession of the new trailer. :-(

Purchased a new battery for my bike computer, and it recorded everything properly today, except cadence, and I can do without cadence. Not knowing how far traveled was making the trip difficult, so I'm glad that is working again.

Yesterday morning I was feeling good, and my riding was terrible. This morning I was feeling terrible, and my riding was great. Biorhythms, humidity, temperature, diet, mental state; what makes the difference? Interesting to note that often when I am riding poorly, others are riding poorly, and when I am riding well, others are also riding well. Maybe it can just be the difference in the terrain or the elevation. Today not much climbing, where yesterday was tougher. Elevation today was still at about 6,000 ft., so oxygen could have still been a problem, but did not seem to be. Maybe it is the quality of the ice-cream consumed?

Anyway, today the miles seemed to fly by. I was feeling good once I had a few miles behind me, and I was riding strong with some groups which seems to make the time move faster. "Riding strong with" is a stretch, they actually let me draft, without making me lead.

Don is riding very well, and after our ride we walked about a mile to get some ice cream. We thought we were going to a local ice cream place, but it was more of a bar, and no ice cream, so we walked all the way to Wendy's to get a frosty. Not too bad, except for the long walk in new sandals.

Tonight after dinner we will be giving a presentation at the United Methodist Church where we are staying. Our shirts say: Ride, Speak, Build. Allen has asked me to speak tonight, and I am looking forward to the challenge. I think it will be fun.


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