Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 16 riding ...

Bike day 16 for me/16 to go
Manhattan, KS to Lawrence, KS 79 miles

Mostly under 104 F, but I did see 105.5 F on my bike today. Another early start today, but we lost about an hour in Topeka waiting for various TV and newspaper coverage to arrive, do interviews, and film us biking off. While waiting, some were involved in a very serious grape seed spitting contest. In a two out of three contest, I think it was Ivan that came away the winner over Jonas.

Tomorrow we head off to Kansas City, MO, for a build day and a day off. I'm looking forward to both. My body could use the down time away from the bike. I will be one of the sweeps tomorrow, since I finally feel strong enough on the bike to be comfortable sweeping. I believe that Graham has a lot planned for us in KC, so that will add to a nice stop.

Seven of us grabbed a quick shower when we arrived today, and walked across the street and had Chinese food for lunch. Of course a couple of them had a quick plate of whatever we had here first. Chinese food was a nice change from our regular diet.

I am feeling a little bummed again that I didn't start with this group in Seattle. I would really like to have done the entire trip. Next year they are planning two separate rides, one on each coast.

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come .......


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