Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day five riding ...

Yesterday was a work day, and we split up and worked on 5 or 6 homes and the host church. My group of 5 went to the edge of town to help a 75 year old with a broken hip. We oiled the entire outside of her log house in the morning, and after lunch we went back to clean up the yard around her house. This lady was a trip, supported and raised her family by working as a bartender. Very appreciative of our help and the work that we did.

Today up and over Rabbit Ears Pass, about 9,600 ft at 8 and 9% grade, with a touch of 10%. Not bad but it seemed to go on forever. The shoulder has almost been a non issue until the climb today, and still not too bad.

I called my nephew, Brad, who lives in Steamboat Springs; he was able to meet me on the route and we had a nice visit until the sweep team reached us and I had to take off to stay in front of them.

More work tomorrow to get 82 miles to Idaho Springs, then 52 miles on to Denver.


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  1. I used to pass bikers on Rabbit Ears sometimes coming in and out of town. Actually the whole ride from Kremmling to SBS. I used to say to myself, those bikers are crazy! In fact, I still do!!! Glad you're having fun and aren't in too much pain. Keep up the good work! xx, HBW