Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 17 riding ...

Bike day 17 for me/15 to go
Lawrence, KS to Kansas City, MO 60 miles

Megan and I rode sweep today. She is a great person, a very good rider, and I had a nice day riding with her. The two riders that sweep always get to go through the dinner line first each night. Megan agreed with me to call Lisa and Scott up to go through the line first. Somehow they seem to be under the impression that they should let the riders all go first, because they worked the hardest. Megan and I want them to know they are a very integral part of this ride, and just as essential as the riders. Without their support we would simply not be able to ride. We are all a team!

A shorter day today at 60 miles. We stopped at the build site as we rode by, as it was only a short distance from our planned route. The house has a crawl space, and needs the floor and joists replaced. It looks like a messy but essential job that needs finishing. We will only be working in the morning for a half day, and it may be a little crowded with all of us there, which will be good for me with this heavy work and my bothersome shoulder.

With only 60 miles to ride, we did not get off to a dark start, but still left about 6:45 AM. The stop at the work site for photos added time to our ride, and we ended up adding another 45 minutes to our ride. But, we are riding to raise awareness for our mission of "No More Shacks", so the short stop is needed and adds value to our ride. Only problem with that is I registered 115 degrees F on my Garmin. Riding through the city for the last 10 miles or so, up and down hills, and roasting while waiting for a light to change, was a real character builder. It was HOT. The good news is that I did well with the conditions and the ride, and was in no danger of bonking.

A gala bash tonight, but the music was so loud that I had to leave. I made instant friends with a local Fuller associate named Wendel. I heard him say at the build site that he was an old geezer, so I had to take immediate exception. Turns out he is older than I, but I'm still the oldest riding with the team. We had to drive to the bash tonight, and I got a ride with Wendel. He said that he would not be staying long, and if I wanted a ride back, he would be glad to take me. I was ready very quickly, and we left early. I mentioned chocolate malt, and he was ready to stop on the way home. A nice ending to the evening with a nice guy.


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