Saturday, July 23, 2011

Build day three ...

This is build day 2 for me, and build day 3 for the group. We are completely rehabbing a small house for a single mother of 2 who just gained custody of her niece, to make 3 children to care for. We had too many workers today for this size project, but we got a lot done. A group was in the house tearing out some of the floor joists, and replacing or moving others to get them up to 16 inch centers so they would be up to code. We had Leonard Pope of the Kansas City Chiefs (our honorary chairman) and two of his fellow players on the work site making a significant contribution to the efforts today. All three were dirty and sweaty from the hard work they put in. Another example of the fine young people we have in this country. In addition to the work inside, we moved a lot of dirt in the front and back yards to build up next to the house to drain water away from the house rather than into the foundation and crawl space. We also had significant TV and news coverage come to the work site. Celebrity football players sure help in getting the coverage.

In rough estimates I have now ridden about 1,266 miles and I have about 1,164 miles to go. That will give me total mileage for this adventure of 2,430 miles, but 1,200 miles short of the full 3,600 mile trip. Still not too bad for an old guy who doesn't know any better than to hang out with a bunch of young adults. We are also down to only three weeks left until we are in D.C.

There is some talk of cooler weather starting Monday, and I will try hard to not cry if it actually happens.

Tonight we had a very nice dinner, program, and Christian music band. A nice fund raising evening. This Kansas City group is just great.


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