Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day seven riding ...

Wow ... I was expecting some climb out of Idaho Springs, but not 10% and 11% grade. The good part is that although I was working hard, I seemed to manage it ok, and as we got well out of Idaho Springs we had a beautiful, long, downhill ride. The Triple Bypass was happening as we were leaving, but we were riding in the opposite direction from them and it was only for less than a mile.

We picked up a couple of local (very strong) riders, who had helped plan the route, and they led us all the way to our Denver church. We had many stops together on this ride, as we had to mark many, many turns. This helped keep us bunched up as a group, and it was just awesome riding with a group of about 20, all dressed in the same jerseys. It makes a great presence as we pass thru advertising The Fuller Center.

This route was so complicated that the van was not able to find our only designated stop for this ride. It was at a Circle K, and not being very familiar with the area, they just could not find us. So the Circle K got more business as we were resting and talking to the locals.

We are staying at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver, on Sherman street, which is a large, beautiful, peaceful house of God. We walked less than two blocks to the YMCA for our showers, which were abundant and wonderful. The Y people were just great.

The Bike Adventure has a talent show once during each adventure, and last night was the night! And I have to admit, this group has hidden talent that was shared and was a treasure to watch. My wife, my riding friends Jean and Bob, my older son, Matthew, and my grandson, Judah, and his cousin Calvin all came down to visit me and watch the talent show. There were also a few guests of the other riders that attended. A very nice audience.

A day off today, and since it's only 20 miles away I went home to spend the night in my own bed! Nice to be home, but I missed sleeping on the floor...NOT! This adventure is great but I do miss home.

Tonight we have the opportunity to participate in the "Blessing Of The Bicycles" at House for All Sinners and Saints Lutheran Church located in St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 2201 Dexter St. at 6 PM. This is in the Park Hill neighborhood only about 3.5 miles from Central Presbyterian where we are staying. I think most, if not all, of the riders will be going. The best part is the pastor at House is my daughter-in-law Nadia.

Can't forget to report the weigh-in this morning. I am now down to 187 lbs. Burning calories, trimming down a little, but eating well also.


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