Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 13 riding ...

Bike day 13 for me/19 to go
Hill City, KS to Osborne, KS 65 miles
I have now ridden about 950 miles since I joined this adventure July 1

We continued the early start to beat as much of the heat as we can. Today was an easier day, as most of the riders were riding strong after our day off, and it was a short 65 miles. I arrived at the church about 11:30 and was having lunch and my chocolate malt shortly after noon. This local deli agreed to stay open until 7PM for us to come back after dinner; they usually close at 3:30. Sure, they'll make money, but the generosity isn't about money, people are just nice!

Today I was riding strong (for me) almost all the way. Some rolling hills, but 3% grade or less, and short. I was able to ride stronger than some I have not been able to keep up with before. Could be my being a little stronger or their having an off day; time will tell. With the brutal heat and distance tomorrow, I'm curious how I will handle the day. Some of us walked around the small town and found some chocolate milk to drink between malts. We do have a 93 mile day tomorrow, and no guarantee we will find ice cream at the end of the trail! A girl scout is always prepared. The early starts helps with the heat, and the faster you ride, the less time in the heat. However, the faster you ride the sooner you get tired, and succumb to the heat. So tomorrow I'll try to ride a little hard, and see if I can make the 93 miles before wilting.

We have had a swimming pool available the last three stops which is very nice with the HOT weather, but I have chosen not to get in the pool because I like to swim laps, and can't with my shoulder problem. I think most of the riders are taking advantage of the swimming.

I should not have written yesterday about how well my body was doing. Today my left knee was acting up a little, probably because I was riding harder, and pulling up through the pedal much more than I had been. This helps me with the uphill especially.

This adventure is all about the people we meet, and the relationships between the riders. I even get regular grandpa hugs from Sarah, a delightful young woman. Almost everyone naps after the rides, but I don't like to nap 'cause I'm afraid I'll not sleep well at night if I nap.


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