Monday, July 11, 2011

Day eight riding ...

Bike day 8 for me/24 since the start of the ride.
Denver to Colorado Springs, 76 miles

I have been having trouble with my Garmin bike computer, and I am hoping it is just a battery that sends the speed and mileage to the computer, and not the computer. I will try to replace tomorrow. It is difficult not knowing how far we have ridden, how far to the next water stop, and how far to the final destination.

I was dragging today, no energy, and I didn't seem to be the only one. Maybe our group karma was wrong today? It was definitely wrong for our leader, as Allen had a minor fall today. Of course he didn't attend the "Blessing of the Bikes" yesterday, so what did he expect :-)

We are at a very nice Lutheran church today and for our day off tomorrow. They have a shower and a lot of room for us to spread out comfortably. It looks like the ladies of the church are putting together a very nice dinner for us. We were also met out on the highway.

Don E. joined the group in Denver and we rode together some today. He was riding stronger, so he left me until I could catch up at the next rest stop. Bob B. also joined us for about 25 miles out, then turned back to Denver. Nice having them both with at the same time, and Don the rest of the way to Hill City, KS.

Rest day tomorrow. Our host has volunteered to take us to the Garden of the Gods, and also to the Olympic Training Center since we will not all fit in the van.

We have returned the UHaul trailer and have taken possession of our new trailer. It is fantastic, and larger, and even has a side door! We now drive with our own trailer billboard to advertise who we are much better.

Can't say it enough, this is a great group.


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