Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 22 riding ...

Bike day 22 for me/10 to go
Lewistown, IL to Bloomington, IL 80 miles
Build days done 3/build days left 4
Temp 85 F; humidity: raining

We woke up for breakfast at 5 AM, and all went well until breakfast was almost over. Then the lightning started, and the rain soon after. Allen was on the weather watch via smartphone, and we decided to wait out the lightning. So instead of leaving at 6, it was closer to 7:30. The lightning had stopped, but the rain continued until we made our first van stop at mile 22. It was not storming, just a nice light rain, but we were all completely wet, and stayed that way until we reached Bloomington. Actually I thought it was a nice ride all day, except for all the road grime we collected because we were always wet, with no place to dry our hands.

I rode well at times today, keeping up with some of the draft lines, but not able to keep up at other times. Stopped to help with two flat tires today, and I always have trouble getting my knees going for the first mile or two after stopping. Once they warm up again, I am good to go at whatever level I am functioning.

We are staying at the Central Catholic High School until Monday morning. Another build day tomorrow, and a day off on Sunday. We only have a few reasonably short riding days coming up, in the 65 mile range. The rest are all mostly in the 80 and 90 range, and we have six riding days in a row starting August 6, one being billed as 99 miles. I'm betting it turns out to be a century ride (100 miles), which is ok because I have not done one yet this year.

We lose three riders and gain two this weekend. Always sad losing, but also exciting meeting new riders and finding out how they ride.


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