Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to get serious....

A few of us got up this morning on our day off, and tried to find breakfast, but nothing was open early enough for us to get back for church at 8:15. On the way back from the breakfast attempt, I saw and photographed a goshawk that appeared to be injured. I called 911, and they said they would send animal control out to investigate. Since I had to go into church, and couldn't wait, animal control was not able to find the hawk. I wish I could have waited to see if they could have helped the hawk, but since 911 said nothing about a rehabilitation facility, I doubt they would have been of help.

Since today was a day off, we have been doing some chores, like cleaning the van and trailer. You know, just fun stuff.

So, now for the serious part. Yesterday we arrived and walked into town for lunch, had dinner prepared for us here, and then went back to town for some ice cream. I'm going to start a rating system for ice cream, specifically chocolate malts. It will be a simple 0 to 10 rating, with 0 being terrible, and 10 as good as it gets. The rating will consist of: flavor, thickness, lumpy or not, how well the malt is mixed in, real ice cream or soft serve.
*** So, the first rating goes to Dairy Queen in Willamantic, CT which gets a 1. The 1 is a stretch, and only because it was cold and wet.
*** The second rating goes to Tappahannock, VA and it gets a 7. It would have been a higher rating, but they didn't mix the malt in very well. It was bunched at the bottom.
*** The third rating goes to Williamsburg, VA and it gets a 5. It was not very thick, it was lumpy with the ice cream, and not much malt flavor. I was wondering if they even put the malt in. Stay tuned for more ratings! (I know you're thrilled and excited for the next installment.)
Alex (who was with us for a week), Brian (who is ending his second week), and Patrick (who was riding for two days), all left today. They will be missed! Martha joined us yesterday, and we welcome Christian and Amy today.

For lunch today Martha took Carmen and me to a local sandwich shop; others went to Subway. Go figure, some people, I mean, 'cause you can get Subway anyplace, and this local Virginia ham sandwich was very, very, very good.

Maranda has been working on her master's on this trip, and she just finished a live class on the Internet, with a lot of us joining in and helping (???) her with questions and helping move the broadcast along. It was fun watching, and participating.

Peace ...

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