Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 17 riding ...

Charleston, SC to Yemassee, SC
Staying at Yemassee Town Center
62.2 miles today, average 15.8 mph
Flat again
Yemassee, SC has one gas station with a convenience store. It also has a cafe with wifi, but it was not open. This town is so boring, even I took a short nap after lunch. The Yemassee Town Center is an old cinder block building, with very small bathrooms, a small kitchen with no utensils, and NO showers available. It does have a garden hose for our use, but it seems like most of us are using the cold water sink to sponge off. 
Only two van stops today at miles 20 and 40, and after 62 miles it hardly seemed like we did any riding. The new guy, Bud, is another "geezer wannabe," but needs lots more years to get there. He is, however, a very strong rider and is fitting in very nicely. Hailey was a little worried about keeping up, but she rode like a champ today. Nice to have her along again.
Maranda is doing homework, but almost everyone else is taking a nice, long nap. We are in a shady area, and Hailey put up a hammock for her nap out under the trees. Not sure I would be able to get out of the hammock if I were to ever attempt getting in!
Tomorrow, Savannah, GA and another reunion, this time with Krystal and Michael, who have promised to meet up with us. They are not riding, but live in Savannah so will hopefully join us for a meal at least. We also have a day off in Savannah, followed by rides of 80, 105, and 80 miles, so we’ll be doing some good riding.
We are cooking tonight with very limited choices; instead maybe we should get chicken at the convenience store in town? Later.

Must let you know that Allen has reached new heights on this trip. Tonight he told me that although I was 'pretty,' he did not want to move his bed next to mine. More, later?
Peace ...

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