Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 18 riding ... another reunion

June 19, 2012
Yemassee, SC to Savannah, GA
Staying at First Presbyterian Church
57.1 miles today, average 14.1 mph
Flat again
A nice leisurely ride again, only 57 miles of flat. Lots of bumps in the roads today, but not much traffic. The bumps get very tiring after a few miles, but nothing compared to some family needing a decent place to live.
I rode a lot with Hailey yesterday and today. She is one nice young lady, and very dedicated to helping people. Just a pleasure to be around, riding and otherwise.
We had TV crews from Savannah waiting for us at the church, so we grouped up about 8 miles from the church and all rode to the church together, with the camera rolling. Allen did his usual great job in the TV interview. As the crew filmed all of us taking our bikes around the church, I told them to make way for the old geezer. The cameraman offhandedly said he was older than me, so of course I had to verify by asking if he was older than 70. His mouth dropped open, he said, “no way.” The crew had wrapped things up by then, but the cameraman told the young reporter to get a mike on me, and I ended up doing an interview with them also.
Tomorrow morning Allen, Maranda and I will be on a live TV talk show on WTOC here in Savannah. (Since this is being posted after the fact, you can find the interview on YouTube, )
Krystal and Michael joined us for dinner, and took us for a tour of Savannah. I’m thrilled about seeing them again, and spending some time with them. We walked to downtown, which was farther than most of us realized, a good hike, and then back to the church. Savannah has an interesting history, including having been the main port for receiving slaves to sell. 
***A chocolate malt at this famous ice cream place in downtown Savannah called Leopold’s, gets a 4 because it was just like drinking chocolate milk, except they actually had malt to put in it. A big disappointment, especially after I asked a worker if they knew how to make thick malts, and she basically did not bother to respond. Some of the others looked much thicker, but mine was not. So sad for me.
Michael and Krystal took me to their new home to spend the night. They just bought the house about 3 months ago, and have been changing a few things, like painting, etc., to make it their own. It’s so nice, and will soon be even nicer with their touches. They have a huge backyard, with all kinds of gardens, trees, plants, etc. I even got some sloppy kisses in the morning from their three dogs. A real good night: a bed, clean sheets, a real pillow, and a fluffy towel (not high tech like we use daily). 
June 20 ... day off ...
Next day Michael was up and off to work early, and I enjoyed breakfast with Krystal. In the afternoon, riders split up; some went to town with a church member, and Emmalilly and I went with Krystal and Michael to lunch and the beach -- a really great afternoon. We all enjoyed dinner and a presentation at the church, while Krystal and Michael took our laundry to wash, dry, and press; what a nice surprise. Then, another big surprise: Krystal and Michael brought out a birthday cake while everyone sang. (Hmmm-since this is the second birthday cake, I hope I’ m not 71 already!)
All in all, a great stop, in a great city, with a great couple. (Krystal and Michael rode a tandem bike for their honeymoon on last year’s FCBA , having met on the Fuller Ride in 2009.)
Day 19 riding....
June 21, 2012
Savannah, GA to St. Simons, GA
Staying at St. Williams Catholic Church
85.32 miles today, average 16.2 mph
First 26 miles at 17.1 mph; second 20 miles at 19.2 mph
Flat (elevation gain 558 ft)
I was riding strong for most of the day today and then dropped off for the last 40 miles. Bud and I were riding together for most of the day. He slowed down enough that I could keep up, and we were leading the ride for most of the way because we were not staying at the van stop very long, ‘cause we both wanted to beat the heat. 
Allen and Carmen swept today, and weren’t that far behind getting to the church. The van was a little late, because they got lost, not once, but twice, making me think the sweeps were really far back. 
Four of us went for a Chick-fil-A lunch before going for showers. The showers were at the terrific St. Simons Health and Fitness Club. 
***Then we all went for yogurt. Yuck, not ice cream. Of course, I had already had a chocolate shake at Chick-fil-A, which was not bad. They basically use the soft ice cream machine and add some chocolate, so I enjoyed a very thick shake, with good flavor, which I will rate a 7, because somehow I am not offended that this type place does not have malt.
Ryan and Becky went home after the yogurt stop, following Ryan’s and Allen’s filming of the announcement of next year’s ride. We don’t have dates yet, but the ride will be another 9-week ride of 3,600 miles, starting in Savannah, GA, ending in Vancouver, B.C. We’ll also be doing the spring ride again, same place (Natchez Trace Parkway), and are waiting for dates.
A lazy evening tonight. We have a nice place to sleep, but are not allowed to use the kitchen to cook, so we just heated pasta we made yesterday, for dinner. For breakfast the menu calls for cold cereal. And after that breakfast we’ll make an early start to try to beat the heat for our ride tomorrow of 105 miles.
Peace ...

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Tom. Nice to hear about Michael and Krystal's house. Savannah is such a beautiful city. Godspeed for tomorrow's ride.