Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 11 riding....

Tappahannock, VA to Williamsburg, VA
Staying at the Wesley House at William and Mary College
70.10 miles, flat except for one 12% grade
Ave speed 15.0 mph with one lap of 18.5 miles at 16.5 mph

Sorry, I've been neglecting to mention where we've been staying each day. So, here's the list, and I will now report each stop as I have done above (then I'll know where I am, and where I've been!):
Saco, MA
Greenland, NH
Hudson, MA
Willimantic, CT
Norwalk, CT
Short Hills, NJ
Tabernacle, NJ
Avondale, PA
Baltimore, MD
Alexandria, VA
Tappahannock, VA
Williamsburg, VA

So we have biked in seven states. I am originally from the Midwest, and as we pedal down the East Coast, it has been neat to observe the early founding dates on the towns as we pass thru. Most of these places are much older than I am!

So, the knees have been bothering me, from just a little on and off, to a bit more of a problem on the left knee. Today I could not get up out of the saddle to do any power work up hills or anyplace. I just called Vecchio's in Boulder, got my measurement, found a tape measure in the kitchen here, and found my saddle height about a half inch too high. I'm hoping making that adjustment will help when we start riding again Monday morning.

Today's average mph of 15, and the lap of 16.5 mph for the 18.5 miles, are the fastest times I have ever ridden. I was riding some good times last summer, but nothing like this. Of course in Colorado, we don't  have anything this flat for 18 miles. Plus, riding in a pace line, even just two of us riding helps our times.

I was going to try to ride some with Martha today but she took off with the fast group, and I could not catch her. Brian hung back and rode with me, and then we picked up Kelsey (Kiwi) and rode with her a lot of the last 20 miles. The entire group was at the church by about 1:30. This is a great adventure because we all come together and deal with the day together.

No raptor pictures to share, but I had sightings of black and turkey vultures, and lots of osprey.

Back in D.C. on the way to our overnight stop

I hope you can read this; I must be one of these old guys

There's Allen, there's me ... on some bridge. The problem with not being able to add pictures at each stop is that I can't remember where we were!

This was one of the hardest climbs on the trip so far. Notice the ramp on the left so you can push your bike up. It was so steep that I finally just carried my bike up.

Our photographer, Nadine, on the roof of the trailer taking pictures. The guy in the black shirt is the owner of a local bike shop who saw us, stopped, and offered to help with any bike problems. He's helping Tony adjust his derailer. He then opened his shop early for us, and replaced a bent sprocket and chain for Tony in record time.

My new bike with pink handlebar tape and a pink fork; the fork has my sister's name on it in remembrance of her, "Pat"


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