Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 15 riding ...

Wilmington, NC to Surfside, SC

Staying at Trinity Presbyterian Church
95 miles today, average 14.3 mph
Flat terrain again 
Alex and I were sweeping
For devotion today I read Matthew's blog "Cycling and Church ~ Sharing Leadership."  I suggested it applied to our bike adventure, as well as to life. We’re all helping each other, doing the best we can, and then we can also apply it to our everyday life.
Alex and I were the sweeps today. All went well, no flat tires, or problems sweeping. Well, we did have to wait a long time at our last van stop while some of the riders had to take a walk to the beach and go wading, while we were stuck at the van waiting for them. Hmmmph!? As it turned out, they left as a group of about 6, leaving us behind, promptly got lost, and ended up riding over 100 miles instead of the 95 they should have ridden. All in all, another nice day for riding and serving. 
We just found out that Alex will be leaving us again at the end of this week. He was trying to raise enough money to ride the rest of the way, but hasn’t been able to, and doesn’t want to go in debt to his parents and have to pay them back after the trip. He said, "I'm only 17, I have the rest of my life to do this again.” And we will welcome him back at any time.
Martha left soon after arriving at the church. Her parents were here waiting for her, so she got cleaned up and off she went. I greatly enjoyed meeting her folks, and was glad to be able to tell them what a fine young lady she is, totally delightful to ride with and be around.
I’m looking forward to Hailey being back on this adventure this weekend. She should have The Nail Polish with her, to keep the tradition going! We’re talking about doing Allen's nails when he’s asleep (but don't tell him, ‘cause we want it to be a surprise).
We were served a great dinner at the church again: chicken, pasta, salad, etc. And, hot fudge and cookies for dessert. Lots of laughter, and attempts to make plans to possibly go hiking together next year, but first we need the route and/or dates of next year’s Fuller Bike Adventure.
Waiting for laundry to get done so I have dry jammies for tonight.
Peace ...

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