Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 8 riding....

A nice ride today. I rode with Alyssa and Kelsey M today, and occasionally with Allen and Brian, who were sweeping. It should have been about a 68 mile ride, but I missed the very last turn and ended up with 73 miles. This was the turn that came after the church that was on the other side of the street. So now, I guess I will have to stop teasing Brian about getting lost. Good weather with jackets on most of the day for the cold. Nice riding but needing the jacket.

We picked up a new rider yesterday. Alex is a 17 year old rider, who, according to Maranda, rides like the wind. Maranda is pretty fast, but can catch him only if he lets her. Another great addition to the Fuller Ride, as he seems like a very nice young man.

The group missed a turn about an hour in, but Emalilly made the stop call, got on her smart phone, and called Alex and Maranda back. I caught up to them as they were waiting and went back to chalk the turn for the correct road. Alyssa and Kelsey M were behind me, and I wanted to make sure they made the turn. School buses were running and on the way back, I stopped to wait for the school bus to load, thinking that with our luck, if I rode by, Alycia and Kelsey would be in the traffic hidden by the bus. Sure enough, when the bus pulled away, and I started to ride, they were taking off the other way. If I had ignored the loading bus, I would have missed them. So we all three went back to chalk the road the proper way.

Carmen ended up riding in the van after the first stop. Her poison ivy was really bothering, and a church member took her to the emergency room to be treated. She has been cleared to ride tomorrow, and is taking medicine orally and also has a cream to put on. I had Lois research poison ivy and she emailed me the links, with info and pictures. I showed the pictures around to everybody, and today when we stopped for pictures at the "Welcome to Maryland" sign, I was teasing Alycia to stay out of the poison ivy, and when I really looked, sure enough it WAS poison Ivy. So at least we can now recognize the stuff and hopefully stay away from it. We got the pictures, and also marked the sign with chalk to warn the others about the poison ivy.

We are down to only 10 riders for the second segment; four left (Ryan, Sue, Tony, and Tonya) and we miss them already! And Alex is our new rider.

As you can see, the laptop decided to work tonight, so I can post pictures!

And here I am, a few days ago, with the Atlantic in the background

I really like this tat that Sue has 


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  1. So now I know how I can keep up to date with the inside scoop on each day's ride. Thanks, Tom. I got in a 3-mile walk and a 2-hour nap today! We leave Vermont tomorrow for Ohio, then Michigan.
    Glad to see pictures. Keep them coming.