Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 23 riding and... my new best friend...

Melbourne, FL to Port St. Lucie, FL
Staying at All Villages Presbyterian Church
61.76 miles today, average pace 11.5 mph
Flat again, with a "good" headwind
My new best friend? She was slapping me around all day again today, and it was great! I love her. Too bad there aren’t any hills for me to introduce her to. Who, you ask? Why, Debby, the tropical storm, of course. To my geezer biking friends, you’re missing out on great times. My average mph was down from yesterday, so I’m telling myself it’s because the winds were stronger today. Or, maybe because we only had a short rain shower today, and we were in rain mostly all day yesterday.
A very nice surprise this morning. The good news was Jeff was in the parking lot in his VW bus, getting ready to ride with us. The bad news was Roxie was not with him. They were both on the Spring Ride, and are just great folks. He joined us for circle up, then took off with Maranda and others. He rode with Susie and me later in the day, then went back to the lead riders. He rode all the way to the church, and then back to his VW; and that, my friends, was over 120 miles for him today! Too bad that work was calling and he couldn’t stay longer.
Dinner tonight? Tacos (yuck) and we are out of bread! So my trusty bike and I found Arby's Roast Beef (a second yuck, but at least it agrees with my stomach, where chili powder does not). I really need to learn to eat better, but I guess it’s not about to happen at my age. No wait, I am eating more salads, and, remember, I did actually try fried green tomatoes (double yuck)!
I’ve been missing the news updates and happenings, but Colorado is burning! Apparently at this time there are some pre-evacuation areas in Boulder. Things can be replaced, trees will grow back, but, please, pray for the safety of the firefighters who are trying without much success to contain this mess. Temperatures are high, everything is dry, and the winds continue.
Peace ...

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