Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 13 riding.... and build day....

Ahoskie, NC to Kinston, NC
87 miles (I didn't get lost so this should be close)

Rain, rain, go away - geezerman is so sweet he might melt away! We made it to our first stop at about 25 miles, but before we left it started to rain. Mostly drizzle until the second stop, when it started to pour. Three of us took shelter in the van until it slowed to just a light rain, then we took off. Martha, Amy, and I rode in the rain most of the day. Occasionally it cleared, we actually had some sun very briefly, but mostly had various degrees of rain from very light to quite heavy. We thought about shelter only once, but wanted to keep going because we had heard the forecast for thunderstorms to start early afternoon. We can ride in rain, but not with lightning.

Just before the last van stop my bike computer shut down. I had a weak battery warning earlier, but it just quit. Luckily, James had a charger cord in the van, and he charged it for the time we were at the stop, which was enough to get us to the evening stop.

We are staying at "The Perry Fun Farm" which is a recreation lodge for fishing, hunting, etc. They have many taxidermy mounts on the walls, a nice large pond and dock out back, peacocks, and I’m sure many other things to see. But, since the weather is still not terrific, I’ll have to explore later. We have six bunk beds to use, plus sofas, a double bed, and lots of floor space. We also have access to a shower, which saves transporting us to the YMCA, or some other place. They will be cooking for us tonight -- pulled pork has been mentioned. Yummy!

Wednesday, build day 2....

***Chocolate malt in Kinston, NC rated only a 2. They did not have malt! Now, how difficult is it to have a jar of malt sitting on the shelf to toss in? So, anyway, I settled for a milk shake, which was like drinking chocolate milk. I rated it a 2 because it was cold and had chocolate in it.

The local affiliate is getting a house ready for a family with children who need a safe home. The husband of the family is a migrant worker, and the wife stays home and takes in migrant children, while their parents follow the crops from field to field. We helped build a front and rear railing for their porches, did some painting inside, worked on stairs for the rear porch, installed some deadbolts, and picked up and delivered a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher to be installed later. This family will have a nice, affordable home that will cost them less than $10,000, and they will be able to continue doing so much good helping other folks.

The Perry family and the people surrounding them here in North Carolina are simply awesome. Jimbo is the head of this beautiful Perry family, and listening to the many projects they are involved with is simply heartwarming. They seem to be well off, but live simply, and extend a helping hand in many directions. God’s at work thru this wonderful family.

Peace …

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