Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 24 riding ...

Port St. Lucie, FL to Lauderdale By The Sea, FL
Staying at Community Presbyterian Church
94.56 miles today, average pace 13.1 mph
Flat again, with a "good" headwind
Debby, my love ... how much better can it be ... she was wild again today! We left in a heavy rain, and finished up in bright sunshine. Heavy rain, then none. Strong headwind, then easy headwind. Strong crosswind, then easier crosswind. On and off all day today.
I was sweeping with Emmalilly, who had four flats. We didn’t have a pump, and I finally ran out of C02 cartridges, but a local rider came to our rescue with a cartridge. We would have made it, but the tire did not seat properly with my last cartridge. 
We left the church about 6:30am, and got in about 4:30pm. Using my fingers to count, I come up with 10 hours on the road today. Actual pedaling time of 7 1/4 hours hours, leaving 2 3/4 hours changing flats or at the van eating and drinking anything we could find.
Another great meal with this church, plenty of food, a shower at the fire station across the street, and a movie after dinner. Toolie and I walked downtown, found some ice cream, and strolled to the beach, to a fishing pier that goes out into the water a long way. But, since the fee was $2 simply to take a walk on this pier, we decided to walk away instead. 
***Chocolate malt in the tourist area was made properly, but was just not thick enough to get better than a 6.5 rating. The quest for the perfect malt continues! Toolie said her hot fudge sundae was very good. 
It’s now after 9pm and a group is headed to the beach. Lights out at 9:45 and breakfast at 5:15. Good luck to the beach goers (oops, I guess my age is showing).
Peace ...

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