Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 12 riding....

Williamsburg, VA to Ahoskie, NC
Staying at St. Thomas Episcopal Church
95 miles, including a wrong turn
Pretty flat riding

How exciting, riding the Jamestown Ferry. There must be a song or something about the Jamestown Ferry; sounds familiar to me. We all boarded the ferry about 6 miles from Williamsburg (minus the sweeps, because Miranda had a flat tire). My GPS bike computer keeps on logging the miles, so I think I logged an extra 2.5 miles while riding the ferry, and I'm going to count them!

I was one of the last to get off the ferry, and hung back to ride with Carmen, because the sweeps would be at least a half hour behind her. Once they caught up I took off for a little faster pace. Alex was riding with the sweeps, but decided to start riding with me. He stuck with me the whole way, and we had a nice ride together.

We had a road blocked and the leaders took a detour, but the detour was not chalked properly. The new guy did not know to put our FC initials with the chalk arrow, plus his first time he made a different type of arrow, so Alex and I decided that it was not our chalk turn and kept going (our mistake). Bicycles could easily navigate the blocked turn so we just kept following the original route.

The net result of this was that we missed the last rest/resupply stop, and ended up riding 40 miles with no stop. I did make a quick stop for some gatorade, but that was all. When the sweeps reached the last van stop, since we had not been there, they waited about half an hour for us to appear. Finally Allen was able to let them know we had passed them. A bummer for the sweeps.

St.Thomas prepared dinner for us, and Allen asked me to speak during our presentation after dinner. I enjoy speaking, especially if I can get a rhythm going with some enthusiasm. We are playing on my age factor to help promote our mission, and I like it, and make fun of it, comparing myself to the "kids." Tonight I told everybody that I'm along to give the kids practice caring for an old person so they will be ready to help their parents/grandparents when the time comes.

Another long ride tomorrow, to points south. Beaches in the forecast.



  1. Tonya Strahler6/13/12, 4:47 AM

    Haha! Does that mean you're going to get a wheelchair for them to pull behind their bikes? lol
    I miss riding with you!

  2. Enjoy, Geezerman.

  3. Tonya: the wheelchair sounds like it would be for an old person, not for me as I keep getting younger as the ride progresses.

    Tony, see I knew some old guy would be able to help me with that "ferry". The boat that is. The kids are trying to add to your song, but I think they need your help. Lots of fun.