Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 6 riding....

Another fabulous day riding. I rode 75.2 miles, which is exactly what our route sheet said It would be. That has never happened before, because too many things can happen to get the mileage off from a little to a lot. Brian was spinning his wheel to try to get his mileage to match where we were on the route sheet; not sure if he ever made it. The route today did not have much climbing, even according to the flatlanders. I was riding with a lot of the back group, a nice easy pace for me, which seems to make me feel stronger. When trying to keep up with the fast group I seem to need a bigger climbing gear to climb a 6% grade than when I am riding at a slower pace. I know I'm using more energy riding faster, so it probably means I don't have the reserve to climb with the same power I have at slower speeds. So what am I babbling about? I don't know.

Tonight, after a wonderful dinner, I got to help braid Nadine's hair. Of course I don't know how to braid, so I just combed it a little, and tied a square knot in her hair. Tonya was doing a much better job, so Nadine fired me. Humph!

We are in Tabernacle tonight, tomorrow for the build day, and Sunday for church with the rest of Sunday off. Monday we start a shorter week of riding, only four days, then have another day off. We have been split up into small groups tonight, staying in families' homes. Tony and I are staying with Kathy, Jack, and their two daughters. One of the girls was nice enough to let us use her room. I tried to talk the older girl into joining us on the ride, a no go, but maybe the idea is planted.

Peace ...

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