Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 20 riding ...

St. Simons, GA to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Staying at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church
107 miles today, average pace 15.2 mph
Mostly flat with some bridges to climb over
107 miles and 7 hours pedaling, plus a ferry ride, and four van stops, means that we were out on the road for a long time today. The morning ride was very pleasant, starting before daylight, watching a colorful sunrise. Near the end of the third segment today we got a heavy rain that completely soaked us, so we rode with wet riding shorts for the last 40 miles. The rain showers lasted about 45 minutes, then went past us. On the last segment, after a short ferry ride, it got warm, warm, warm, to the tune of over 100 F. All in all, another day riding to help people live in a decent home.
And here we are ... in the last state of the East Coast adventure!

We had a lively older guy directing us on the ferry, kidding with us, and of course, we were carrying on with him. As the riders were riding off the ferry, he was blowing kisses to all the girls. I was last off, and as he turned to blow me a kiss, he put his hand down, but I was ready for him and blew him a kiss, which made him start jumping up and down saying, “No! No!” laughing and turning away from me. That was worth 107 miles today all by itself!
The YMCA showers were only a short walk from the church, after which we enjoyed dinner provided by the congregation, and a presentation during which Maranda, Carmen, and I spoke. We only had about a dozen people, but they were very receptive, asking questions about the ride, and also about the covenant partner opportunity in Jacksonville, that is ready to go, needing only a few people to step up and be willing to work it.
Tomorrow, only about an 85-mile day to get us to Daytona Beach, FL, which is Bud’s home. We’re looking forward to meeting his family, who just may be waiting for us with chocolate milk and maybe other goodies. Then we have a day off Sunday, followed by our last week, with six days of riding to get us to Key West.
Lights out tonight at 9:30 again, with another breakfast time tomorrow of 5 AM.
Peace ...

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  1. Hey that's not right at all, you and Maranda are riding a tandem bike now, come on.
    LoL :o).