Monday, June 4, 2012

70 years old ... 70 miles

Ok, it was only 69.4 miles, but you get the idea. What a great day for me today...thanks to all for all the birthday greetings and wishes. Life is good!

Early rise for breakfast at 5:30, then to the church at 6:15 for a group send-off. Emmalilly and I were sweeps today, and rode primarily with Carmen, Kelsey, and Brian. Brian and Kelsey managed to get lost -- not once, but twice. The second time it made them at least an hour late arriving at the church, and of course as sweeps we waited for them (and were mighty glad to finally have them safely back with the group). Unfortunately, Brian also fell while crossing some railroad tracks, but he's ok.

As stated above, the ride was only 70 miles today. We had a nice start to the day, but as we got to the first van stop, light rain began to fall. The rest of the day it continued to rain on and off. Consequently the rain jackets would also go on and off. We had mostly light rain, but also some good solid rain. No storms, so not dangerous, except for the pavement being slippery. Early on the ride, with the pavement still wet from the overnight rain, I had to stop quickly or hit the rider in front of me. In doing so, my rear tire fishtailed, and I had some excitement trying to keep the rubber side down.

Lots of food for all at dinner tonight, and a nice large gathering of the congregation. Allen told the congregation it was my 70th, so they all sang for me; that then provided me the opportunity to talk with some folks and offer that "bike with us" invitation. After dinner we followed the pastor to an ice cream place, and I got my first chocolate malt of the trip. A nice end to a wonderful day!

Peace ...

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  1. Life is good indeed. Keep on pedaling Geezer Man.