Saturday, July 21, 2012

Riding ...

Day 6 riding ... FRIDAY, JULY 20
Newport, OR to North Bend, OR
College Park Community Church
97.7 miles today, average pace 12.2 mph
Total ascent 4,528 feet
Started in the rain and cold again. No complaints, just what it is. Since we rode almost a century today, we knew the cold and rain would be with us, or not. I can't control that, but I can control whether or not I still have a good time and enjoy the ride. And, I love the challenge of completing the ride. I am, however, careful and have no desire to overdo anything just to say I finished!
Tim's derailer broke today. As I understand it, he had just finished a very fast descent, and slowed to start another climb, when it just sheared off. The good news is he was not hurt. The bad news is he will be four days without his bike, three of those riding days.
And today my friends the head winds joined my friends the hills. Again the grades were not bad, mostly 6% or occasionally a 7%, but we did climb 4,528 feet. One rider got in the van because of the weather, another just didn't ride, another was struggling with the hills and rode in the van for one of the 20 mile segments. Look for the picture of Luke at the van after the first 25 miles. He, like all of us, was covered in road dirt; he’s just covered in much more than most of us.
Toward the end of the ride I was about to make one of the last few turns in the city, and was looking for the chalk and street sign to make sure I had the right street and direction, when what do I see just before the turn, but a chalk saying, MALT, with an arrow pointing to a diner. So I pulled in (I was riding by myself at the time), ordered a chocolate malt, hamburger, and fries. (I found out we were having tacos for dinner, not my favorite food group, so I thought I’d dine early.) Then as I was eating, other riders started showing up, and they joined me in dining. 
***Since I was already finished and the others were still eating, I ordered another chocolate malt, just to make sure of my rating. And my ratings? Well, the first malt gets a 7.5, and the second gets a 6.0. The first would have gotten a higher rating, except they use soft serve ice cream.

Day 5 riding ... THURSDAY, JULY 19
Tillamook, OR to Newport, OR
Newport First Presbyterian Church
76.1 miles today, average pace 12.7 mph
Total ascent 4,045 feet
I get up each day and I’m ready to ride. I love the start of each ride, and I love each segment of each ride. And, of course, I especially love the finish of each ride. What I don't like is starting again after the van break every 20 miles, or whenever we stop for any length of time. My legs are the problem, because when I stop to refresh my body with water and snacks, the legs think their job is finished. So when I get back on the bike they immediately start screaming at me, "What do you think you are doing? We just did that, and NOW you want us to do this pedaling again? What are you? Crazy?” So the legs grumble (or worse) until they realize they are expected to keep doing the pedal thing again. This makes for interesting conversation between me and my legs for about the first mile after each stop (so if it appears I’m talking to myself, well, I am).
The kids keep asking me how I’m doing, and I keep answering fantastic! and keep getting strange looks. Actually I am doing fantastic, even if I am hurting, because at 70 years of age, I’m just thankful that I’m able to do these rides.
Really am enjoying the beautiful scenery along the coast. I did not realize Oregon has sand dunes (didn't get any pictures). Beautiful.
***A large group of us went out for ice cream after showers and dinner, to a place called Flashbacks Fountain and Grill. Real ice cream, nice malt flavor, a little weak on consistency, so it gets 7.5 rating.
Peace ...

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