Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 2 riding ...

Tacoma, WA to Chehalis, WA
Staying at Faith Baptist Church
58.4 miles today, average pace 15.7 mph
A number of bumps (some are calling them hills), really not just flat
A very nice day riding. Cool temperatures all day, mostly cloudy all day, now sunny this afternoon as we get showers and relax. There’s a Baskin Robbins 2.5 miles from the church, but too far to walk, and I don’t want to ride and get sweaty again after my shower. Maybe I’ll reconsider after dinner the church is providing for us. With this larger group it’s more difficult to make excursions because it takes gas money, and we have three van loads if everybody wants to go. 
We did have another fall today, but nothing serious (not serious means it wasn’t me who fell). But Susan, who did fall, has a sore side, a sore hand, and some road rash. We spent about 10 miles riding on a very nice trail. Only a few bumps in the blacktop, and some intersections that we had to slow down for, and we were able to ride side by side, visiting as we rode, getting to know each other a little more. Very pleasant and a nice pace. Sarah rode with her Aunt Sher for about 4 or 5 miles on this trail. I was riding with Jim a lot today, following him in a nice paceline, and then some on the trail. Turbo Tom was also with this paceline. I also got to ride a lot with Sarah today, because she was nice enough to slow down so I could keep up.
Getting to know another great group of riders is always a highlight of these trips. Already see a lot of helping and encouraging each other, as well as friendships developing. 
Another great dinner, provided by Faith Baptist Church. After dinner a group of us did an intervention with Allen by getting him to take us to the Nike outlet store, and then the group tried to buy him new shoes before his fall off his feet. Unfortunately the store did not have the style Allen was hoping to get, so we’ll try again at the stop after next. 
I don't know why everybody doesn’t sign up for an adventure like this. They are missing an important life development opportunity. Wake up, "geezerville" and the rest of you.
Washington State has been just beautiful, and as night approaches we have a most beautiful sunset.
Peace ...

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