Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day off ...

Eureka, CA
Staying at Faith Center Foursquare Church

Up early and walked about a mile to a breakfast place with Turbo and Tim. Good conversation and a relaxing time for the start of our day off. After breakfast we made another mile walk to a sporting/bike store for more chamois butter and honey wafers. And, I found a merino wool (my favorite) long sleeve shirt on sale. However, I didn’t have my drivers license so they wouldn’t let me purchase without it. So, hmmmph, I decided I didn’t need those items after all.

More walking to go for lunch (a lot of walking for me for one day). I ended up at the same table for lunch with the pastor from the church. Turns out he is a marathon runner, and won the Portland marathon in a time of 2 hours 19 minutes. Young Chris had gone for a run with him this morning and was looking haggard afterwards, but greatly enjoyed the run.

I thought I’d go to the new Batman movie with the group, but they were riding their bikes, and I really didn’t want to leave my bike chained up outside, unattended, for over two hours. So I walked back to the church and did some laundry since the church had washer and dryer available for us to use.

There is a fountain in front of the church building with benches around it. I was feeling melancholy, sitting at the fountain, meditating. Then I lay down on the bench. Next thing I knew, my leg had fallen off the bench, jarring my back, and abruptly woke me up. No damage to my back, but it sure scared me. Not sure how long I slept, but I’m now hoping I can still sleep ok tonight.

Dinner time, so we took a taxi to old town, (no more walking), and I enjoyed dinner with Luke and Turbo Tom.

We’ll be back on our bikes early tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward to another beautiful ride through an even more spectacular redwood forest.

Peace ...

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