Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home ... July 1

It was so nice to be home Sunday evening after five weeks away. Then we left Tuesday for a business trip to Chicago, which also included a visit with Joel and Jen. Our new facility at Cragin Metals has come together very nicely -- great job done by Joel, Jen, Stanley, Wayne, and all the shop staff. Cragin is poised to grow, expand, and improve operations dramatically. We’re proud to have such great people working with us.
Returned home to rain and much cooler temperatures than in Chicago. Monday the van,     trailer, and five West Coast riders (Allen, Rae, Carmen, Chris, and Burgess) arrived to stay for a couple days’ rest. Allen drove the van from Key West, FL to Americus, GA, home of The Fuller Center, then loaded it up again with gear and riders to head to Seattle. Two days of driving and they arrived at our house to take a break from being in the van. 
In Key West I had boxed my bike up for Allen to carry up to Seattle for me, saving me some shipping costs. I pulled the bike off the trailer when they arrived, had it serviced, and boxed it back up to go back on the trailer to Seattle.
Tuesday we all got our bikes out and rode out to The Raptor Education Foundation in Brighton, a round trip of about 36 miles (where I volunteer when I’m not out on a Fuller Bike Adventure). I even got a chance to help Anne with a couple of birds before heading back home. 
The Anthem bike club hosted a pot luck for us that afternoon, with about 35 riders participating. Allen gave a brief presentation, we all introduced ourselves, then enjoyed fellowship, food, and Aspen Lodge amenities, including the outdoor pool. 

Everyone was up early Wednesday morning for a 5am breakfast at our house. Then all items got loaded on the trailer, and the group was joined by Jenn, a first-time Fuller biker. I’ll fly out Friday to meet them in Seattle. We’ll have some orientation Friday, a full orientation along with a practice ride Saturday, and Sunday we start another adventure down the West Coast to San Diego. 
Peace ...

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