Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 3 riding ...

Chehalis, WA to Naselle, WA
Naselle Assembly of God
89.6 miles today, average pace 14.2 mph
A number of bumps (some are calling hills), really not just flat
A great breakfast provided by Faith Baptist Church. Several members were up early to cook for our 5:30 breakfast, and what a breakfast it was! 
A nice ride again, in a paceline after Jenn, Luke, and Eric caught up with me (I had left before them). I had been riding by myself and they let me pull them for a while, until Luke finally pulled ahead because, as he said, "You look like you could use a rest." Now Luke is a big guy, and we had headwind, so this was a great draft--I would really, really enjoy Luke’s pulling me any time I’m on my bike. When he sat up and stretched, with hands outstretched to the side, I told him that if he would do that all the time I would pay him to pull me. It felt like riding behind a semi-truck, no kidding! 
Later then, when riding by myself again, I got to thinking about riding hands free of the bars. I have not been able to do that since I was a kid. Of course a kid with his first bike wants to show off by riding hands free, but is scared to try it, maybe until a lot of his buddies are doing it. Then he does it and is successful (meaning he doesn't crash) and he’s now showing off to the girls just like his buddies do. So that leaves me with the dilemma: do I try it now? do I not try? I’ve done it before (ok, ok, many, many years before). Most of these kids can do it, why not me? I have a good bike, it should be simple! Just let go and keep peddling. It would come in handy a lot of times. Like taking my helmet off for a second to let the bug out, or getting the lid off my chap stick, or drinking my chocolate malt easier, etc., etc. Well, maybe I’ll not try now. Maybe I’ll try it after this West Coast ride, or maybe after our epic ride in September, or maybe this winter with some soft snow around me, or maybe I’ll just wait until I’m 80. Yeah, that sounds like a much better time. 
When I’m sitting alone in the evening trying to put this blog together, I realize I could really use a voice recorder on my bike that I can use with one hand, since I can’t seem to remember all the things that happen during the ride that I want to blog about. But, this will have to do. 
Peace ...


  1. I can commiserate with you about riding no-handed. I want to try to do it again but am too scared to do it. Maybe you and I should try together. At least then there would be two of us falling down, not just one.

  2. Sorry Toolie, but I am waiting until I am at least 80. And, I have a feeling that at 80, I may want to wait until I am 90, etc, etc

  3. Hey Tom,
    Catching up on your blogs. My one regret from FCBA 2008 is not practicing riding with no hands. I have never done it and was jealous of those who could ride no-handed and use 2 hands to take pictures, etc.
    I'm now occupied with so many chores, duties, errands, obligations, etc. I can't imagine still being riding. But I'm certainly jealous. It's been so hot my 200 miles per month is in jeopardy this month - still time, though, if I can find the time...
    Ride safe, and hi to all I know, especially Sarah D and Susan Pratt.