Monday, July 30, 2012

Day off ...

San Francisco, CA
Staying at St. John's Armenian Apostolic Church

Today was a great relaxing day walking the San Francisco hills. However, I think maybe I would rather bike than walk. At least I stay with the same muscle groups. I’m finally learning how to use my smart phone to map out places I want to find and get directions to, driving, walking or public transportation--there’s hope for me yet!

So this morning a group of us biked, or took the bus to a bike store. I needed a new tire for a spare, some extra CO 2 cartridges, a couple of tubes, and some Stinger Waffles. This better hold me for the final two weeks of this adventure. 

***After shopping we found a nice place for some really good hamburgers, followed by, of course, a chocolate malt. It was kind of an old fashioned place, so I was expecting a really good malt, but only rated it a 6. Good flavor, good presentation, excellent atmosphere, but no thickness at all.

The afternoon we spent walking around Fisherman’s Wharf, which was a big disappointment because I saw nothing but a huge tourist trap, very crowded, of course, with tourists! Not my favorite environment. I’m sure I will appreciate the solitude of the road the next couple days. Glad we went down there, but very glad to leave the area for dinner at a place Turbo knew about.

We returned to the old fashioned ice cream place after dinner, because Chris and Turbo wanted chocolate malts made the old fashioned way. I tasted their malts and did not like them, so I ordered a root beer float because I didn’t want another mediocre malt. Watching "Dillon" make my float from scratch was very interesting. He started by using plain seltzer water, added the ice cream, added the root beer extract, added some other stuff, then put a toasted marshmallow on top. Quite an undertaking, but very good, along with the added entertainment of watching him prepare the drink. My dad was a "soda jerk" as a youngster, and used to sneak ice cream to his future wife. I wish I could ask him how he made the malts and floats back around 1930 or so when he was behind the counter.

We are losing two riders tomorrow: Hannah and Pete are leaving. Both are super great people who will be missed. But we are gaining two new riders: another Chris, and Dean. Looking forward to getting to know the new guys.

Tomorrow it’s back on the bike again for about 80 miles, and I’m hoping I can improve my mental toughness so I can enjoy the ride. Another five days of riding before we get another day off in Santa Barbara, CA next Sunday. Looks like we will have a century ride on Thursday.

Peace ...

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