Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 10 (of 22) riding ...

Eureka, CA to Redway, CA
Staying at New Wine Fellowship
76.9 miles today, average pace 13.3 mph
Total ascent 3,127 feet (grades mostly 6%, last hill to church was 12%)

We started the morning in a very heavy mist, which means we were getting wet. It was also a little cold, which means we were wet and cold. In other words, we were off on another great ride, heading for The Avenue of The Giants.

By the end of the first 20 miles, no more mist, and well before the end of the ride it was fairly warm. Some climbing today but nothing hard except the last hill that I actually had to walk a little. Again, in other words, another beautiful day of riding.

Looking forward to a ride tomorrow of about 95 miles, and the weather will probably be getting hot by the end of the day. Allen just announced lights out at 9:30 and breakfast at 5:00, for an early start to allow us to hopefully beat some of the heat.

By the end of this trip I will have ridden over 6,400 miles for The Fuller Center: last year from Salt Lake to DC; this year from Nashville to Jackson; then down the East Coast; and now riding down the West Coast. I have seen so much fantastic scenery throughout this country, finding something beautiful almost every place we have ridden. At this time two areas stand out: the West Coast shoreline, and the total magnificence of the trees of the redwood forest--I am in total awe of these trees. I look forward to what lies ahead!

Tired and heading to bed.

Peace ...

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