Monday, July 9, 2012

Final day riding ... June 30

Marathon, FL to Key West, FL
Staying at Impact Community Church
53.17 miles today, average pace 14.7 mph
Flatter than Flat
OK, OK, OK, etc. (yes, I made it home, so quit bugging me now, eh?)
I have arrived at the end of my second Fuller Bike adventure this year, this one the East Coast from Saco, ME to Key West, FL. We all stopped about 5 miles out to regroup so we could all ride in together. We stopped at a beach as close to the end as we could get, took pictures, and Allen handed out metals for our accomplishment. (I hope I packed mine with my bike since it did not arrive home with me.) More pictures were take  at the closest point to Cuba, with a big marker to line up in front of to take the pictures. Lots of people were waiting in line at this point.
From Facebook:

Cyclist Tom "Geezerman" Weber is going to be so ANGRY if you don't read the wonderful article he penned for the Wilmington Star News!
More later, but I’m trying to get ready for the West Coast after a trip to Chicago after finishing the East Coast.
Peace ...

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  1. Wow, wrote news article, had TV interview and back home getting ready for the next ride. Way to go!