Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 7 riding ...

North Bend, OR to Port Orford, OR
Staying at American Legion
56.4 miles today, average pace 13.8 mph
Total ascent 2,484 feet (grades between 6% and 11%)
We have now finished 7 days of riding, for a total of 503 miles, which is only 72 miles per day. Our average for the entire trip is 75 miles per day. We had a short day to start and a short day today, but 7 days riding in a row is a lot to start this adventure. Some of the riders have been struggling with the hills, with good reason, but riding like champions, sucking it up and enjoying it, ending the day with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, and rightly so. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing group.
The first segment is over, two riders have left, and we picked up one rider, so I think we now have 31 total participants. The support van was on top of it today big time. They stopped and chalked a very large SLOW FCBA in the middle of the road to warn the riders of a very bad road condition which could have easily caused an accident. 

We are only a few blocks away from this beautiful view of the ocean. A group walked all the way down to the beach, after showers at the high school, and walked around for a while. I watched them from up high. I’m finding that I prefer riding my bike up steep hills rather than walking up them.
A day off tomorrow, and much needed. A lot of rear ends need a break from the saddle, mine included! I have three too many hot spots working up to no good. Not sure what is on tap for the day off besides resting up. Some were hoping for the new Batman movie to be playing, but they only have Snow White and the Hunchback or some such title. The wind coming off the ocean is a bit of a challenge, but refreshing at the same time. Actually it may be blowing out rather than in, Interesting.
A side note to my bike adventure: the following link is a YouTube video of my amazing daughter-in-law speaking in front of 34,000 youth in the Superdome in New Orleans.You should watch it!
Ok, I have chores to attend to, so more tomorrow if there is anything to report on.
Peace ...

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