Monday, July 23, 2012

Day off ...

Port Orford, OR
Staying at American Legion
I sneaked off this morning and enjoyed a very nice breakfast at a local restaurant. Eggs perfect, good sausage and bacon, and the largest pancake I have ever seen.
Went back to ‘camp’ and wrote some notes for my presentation at Zion Lutheran Church, which I think went well. We were invited to fellowship after church and enjoyed conversation with an older congregation. Very nice and receptive folks, just like we meet every place we go.
***Lunch was on our own, with most of us eating at a local restaurant for fish dinner. Chocolate malt was about a 6.5, lacking somewhat in taste and consistency. Food, however, was excellent. 
Our day continued back at camp where we got laundry ready, took a walk to the beach area, had nice visit with the owner of a local art gallery, and wandered around this very pleasant small Oregon town. Next ate dinner, did cleanup, had a meeting covering new chores for each chore group, sorted and put away laundry, and organized to get ready for next morning’s 5:30 breakfast. Time for a card game, conversation, and lots of computer (Facebook, etc) time. Just another day on the road. We’ll have a couple of long days ahead, followed by another day off. 
I have been riding with my good buddy Sarah Doren a lot lately. She was on the trip last year, so it’s great riding with her again, getting to know her even better. Her Uncle Tom and Aunt Sher are on this adventure, he, the van driver and she, one of the riders. Great folks.

Here’s Sarah, trying to figure out how to get a tire off. She and I were sweeping this particular ride, changed a tire that was bad, so she just wrapped it around herself. However, getting the tire off proved more difficult than getting the tire on!

Peace ... 

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