Thursday, June 2, 2011

Donations ...

With all the negative press day after day I sometimes forget how nice and caring people are!

Yesterday I got a haircut at Thunderbird Barbers in Louisville and got to talking about this ride. When I tried to pay the stylist asked if she could donate the cost of my haircut to my ride. I accepted and instead of paying for my haircut, I sent the $15 to The Fuller Center in their name thru my donation page. It is never about how much, rather just about people caring about other people that they will never meet.

So then a couple hours later, I was at the Apple store in a One-to-One session trying to learn how to blog on my new iPad, and telling my trainer what and why I am blogging. A couple across from me overheard (I have a tendency to talk too loud) and started asking me questions about this ride, and the houses we are helping to build along the way. They were getting ready to leave and the lady looks at the man showing him her open wallet, he nods, and she pulls out a $50 bill and hands it to me to donate to my ride. Now this couple does not know me from the bad people on the nightly news, and they just give me $50. They did not want a tax deduction, they just wanted to anonymously help the people who need help, people who will never be able to thank them, but will be thankful for their generosity forever.

It's never too late to donate; see link to the right.


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  2. Thank you Ted, and thanks to all the friends that have also wished me well and good luck. I hope that I can just keep the rubber on the pavement, and then I should be just fine.