Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And we are off ...

The van and fellow riders arrived last night about 7:20. We had dinner ready for them and our neighbors that were supplying beds for the night. A big thanks to Norm & Judy, Jo & Erv, and Don & Judy for helping.

Up for a 5AM breakfast and we are off. A big thanks to Lois for all her hard work preparing and serving food and helping me get ready.

It is a pleasure getting to know such a fine group of young people. This is going to be a nice adventure! Not sure about one of our leaders who commented about 45 minutes into our ride, "I see why people like Colorado, the red rock reminds them of Georgia".

Had a bike fit yesterday. Only some minor changes, a little more comfortable for long rides day after day, also got my new bike shoes cleated in the proper position. Ready to roll!

190 lbs this morning if I read the scale correctly at 4:30 AM.

I made it to 69. Somehow this ride now seems like more of a challenge.

These kids from Georgia just saw and found out what antelope look like. One even asked me what the white stuff was. Of course, now they can't keep up, just a few hours into our trip.


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