Sunday, June 19, 2011

Porch riding is fun ...

NOT !!!

Getting more hours in riding on the porch: 2.5 hours Friday and 3 hours yesterday. Still not enough time in the saddle to be keeping up with the ride. Hopefully enough saddle time to keep my legs going, but it takes upper body strength to be able to ride, either up or downhill, so I need to get this shoulder strong, and fast. Physical therapy starts Tuesday, daily for two weeks (except Saturday and Sunday), so of course that will help.

I hope the hum of the trainer is not bothering the neighbors. I've set up my iPad to be able to watch movies while riding, which really helps because I am such boring company. Problem is at this rate I'll soon be watching some really bad movies. I'm using instant play on Netflix, so I'm somewhat limited on availability, especially when I look for at least 3 stars before watching a movie. I did find some cycling movies last night, so I hope to get some motivation from them.

Drat, I just realized that I am losing my tan lines! I need to get off this porch and start road riding again.

I forgot to take my Advil prescription yesterday so my shoulder was bothering me more all day. As it turns out, not a bad thing as I now know that I will still have to take it for a few more days; the shoulder had been feeling a little better each day. I'm trying to stay away from the pain medicine prescription unless I really need it. Doc says not, but this shoulder seems worse than the left one that I separated last November. At least that was from falling off my bike, not from a freak auto accident.

Well it is Sunday and I am still at home, so it must be weigh-in time. At least I stopped gaining weight and I'm back down to 191 lbs. Maybe I can still reach my goal of 185 lbs before riding, although I wasn't planning on having this extra time. :-(

I need more time on the trainer, so maybe I'll stop rambling on my blog.

Just saw a video on facebook; Rae was in the accident with me, and is just an awesome individual.I can't seem to get video link to work here, so under web sites of interest on the right, click on "Facebook Bike Adventure" to find the video.


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