Saturday, June 25, 2011

How sweet it is ...

I finally rode right off my back porch and onto the roads again. The movies were just getting too bad to continue on the trainer. Keeping fit on a bike trainer has got to be the most boring thing in the world, the minutes tick by like hours, the hours seemed like a week. I rode for 12 days on the trainer, watching 2 movies per day. Yuck!!!

I think I trained more than most of the other riders, and I was counting on that training to keep up with the youngsters at the beginning of this adventure. Then we would all be getting into long distance riding together, and I would still be able to keep up. I am now worried that I will be behind and maybe not be able to keep up, especially with my weakened upper body. But, hopefully I will soon find out, and the other riders will be kind to me.

My shoulder is doing much better. The doctor first told me I needed 7-8 weeks to give it time to heal and stabilize, but also said that all I needed was 2 weeks to prevent any permanent damage. So, it boils down to how hard I want to do rehab, and how much pain I want to put up with while riding. After riding 27 miles today I have to admit that the road bumps do travel right up to my shoulder, which does get uncomfortable. A few more days on the road will tell me if I can leave for Salt Lake City June 30 to join the ride. If I can start then, I will have missed only the first three segments of the ride

Maybe another short ride after church tomorrow, and then I will see how far I can go on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and how much pain there will be.


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