Monday, May 30, 2011

8 days until I leave for Seattle ...

Since Denver is between Georgia and Seattle the sag wagon van, new trailer, and 8 riders will be arriving at my house June 6 to sleep over and take me with them to Seattle. June 7, off we GO!!

I am a day late with this posting because we have been staying with our two grandkids while my son and wife have been on a much needed vacation. It was fun to spend time with them, but it hurt my training time. I only managed 4 days riding for 12 hours in the saddle and only 165 miles ridden. This week may not be much better with two days scheduled at the dentist, and I need to start packing to see if I can manage with only one duffle bag that can be no larger than 4,500 sq inches. It doesn't help that my dentist is 80 miles away. At least my bike maintenance is set for one of the days I'm at the dentist.

A day late on my weigh in, I am now at 195 lbs which means that I gained a lb, and makes me way too many lbs over my goal. Bummer!

I am trying to produce this blog using only my iPad, which is all I am planning to take with me on this ride. I think I'll need a session at Apple before leaving. I can't figure out how to get a picture, and Pages here is different from the full version; I'm using Pages for the rough draft before publishing.



  1. Kill two birds with one stone and ride to the dentist! Also, did you really pass an 85 year old on a fixed gear? If that's true I love it!

  2. An 85 year old "woman" on a fixed gear bike would be the only one I could pass if I could find such a person. Thanks for paying attention.

    I was actually planning on riding to the dentist, but bike maintenance and caring for the grand kids got in the way.