Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home bound temporarily ...

We are driving home, and very thankful to be doing so. As we say in geezerville, "it's a good day when you wake up still looking down on the grass".

My fellow riders all seemed to be feeling better, the soreness will continue for a few days, but they are headed for Seattle, only one day late! THE RIDE WILL START ON TIME, My shoulder is feeling better also, and I still have lots of narcotics to dull the pain. I am already starting to think about getting back to the ride, and praying for a good report from the doctor in the morning. I hope I don't have to tell him when I will be able to ride again. Norm asked me if I was angry, sad, disappointed that I couldn't start the ride with the others, which is a question that I had been puzzling over. I think that I am just so thankful that nobody was seriously hurt, that it just doesn't matter that I will not be able to start with the whole way group.


It is still difficult for me to understand how we all walked away from this. Why do these things happen? Fuller Center had the van prepared with new tires, and the tire blew, and we are upside down. A small fire; what if the van used gas instead of diesel? What if we had a car or truck next to us? What if we had gone across the median and hit a vehicle head on? What if we had continued rolling a few times instead of just falling on our side and then onto the roof? What if we stop counting our blessings, or lose faith? The group prayer we had after the accident, suggested and led by a 22 year old, tells the real story of The Fuller Center for Affordable Housing. Praying to be able to continue so that we could keep helping people in need! And the young shall show us the way!



  1. A remarkably happy ending to the day!

    I hope you're able to start the ride soon- as one of the older guys I was following your training with awe!

  2. A very happy ending Dave! I look forward to meeting and riding with you, but after the short time with the youngsters, I have to tell you that they are more fun than I am.

  3. norma and don mcgraw6/10/11, 7:52 AM

    So glad to hear you are doing ok! Hang in there and we hope you're back on the bike soon!!!